Prayer Vol. 2

Dear Prayer Vol. 2,

I feel refreshed in my heart and soul. Every day when I opened your pages, I found a new opportunity to go deeper with God. Thank you for the encouragement and peace you provided day in and day out.

With Love,

P.S. Book Details
Author: Strahan Coleman
Book Length: 94 pages
Book Genre: Christian//Meditation
Publication Date: 2020
Awards: N/A
Synopsis: This second volume of poetic prayer is an opportunity to meet with God and wait with him in that space – to devote moments, creatively, reflectively and communally, where god can become more than just an idea – where he can become an intimate, a confidante, and a friend.


My first encounter with Coleman was through Bridgetown Church in Portland. During the stay at home orders, they were publishing daily meditations and prayer podcasts. I tuned in one week and listened to Coleman as he shared his poetic prayers and the context they were written in. I was drawn in by the beauty and intentionality of his words and prayers. I looked further into who he is, explored his podcast (Commoners Communion), and found out he was releasing a second volume of prayers. I wanted to support a self-publishing author, so I decided to buy a copy. I am very glad I did.

Poetry is quickly becoming one of my favorite genres. I love how poetry has the ability to touch a person’s heart and soul in a few words, and takes on personal meaning to every reader. While short stories are similar in length, I have experienced poetry to be quite different from a short story. I find poetry is more contemplative. I took this book one prayer/meditation a day. I allowed myself time and space to think and meditate on the words. As a result, I found my morning quiet time filled with an intimacy facilitated by these poem prayers.

I find daily devotionals to be exhausting. They feel forced and rigid for the reader to 100% agree with what the author is saying “or else”. Coleman wrote with fluidity like a river. He did not stay on one topic alone, rather he jumped around. But, it didn’t feel confusing, awkward, or frustrating. I found myself enjoying the variation day to day. The thing that remained constant was the desire to draw near to God.

My journal is filled with my own ramblings of Coleman’s words. I found his writings to be a launching off place for me to continue in my journal. Some days I would enter the prayer for a couple seconds it took to read it aloud, other days I would spend 20-30 minutes meditating on the prayer. Leaving this book, I felt refreshed and lightened. It felt like a blessing in a book.

If you enjoy prayer books, Christian writings, and thought provoking spiritual poetry I highly recommend this book. For me, this has been my favorite prayer book I have ever read. I have not experienced a book like this one in the Christian world, it goes unrivaled.

Goodreads | Book Page | Commoners Communion Podcast


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