Death on Hold

Dear Death on Hold,
What an eye opening opportunity to hear a story of resilience, transformation, and powerful friendship. I left this conversation feeling both heavy with the knowledge of the poor justice system, and encouraged by what Mitch has chosen to do with life. I look forward to hearing more about Mitch’s life outside the pages of this book.

The Phone Box at the Edge of the World

Dear Phone Box at the Edge of the World,
You were so refreshing, and definitely not as sad as I had anticipated. I find I left our time together seeing the beauty around me and feeling somehow lightened. Thank you for sharing a simple and uplifting story.

Letter to His Father

Dear Letter to His Father,
I thoroughly enjoyed reading this raw expose you presented. There were moments when I felt your pain, moments when I saw the sadness and longing for change. You brought a lot of perspective into the life of a great literary writer. So, thank you for widening my world and perspective.

The Eye of the World

Dear Eye of the World, I am still figuring out where you fit in my mind. When I first read you, I really struggled to like you. But, with some time away from you, I find myself wanting to come back and discover more. I look forward to understanding better after reading more in theContinue reading “The Eye of the World”