To Books, With Love

Dear Book Readers,

Hello and welcome to my little spot in the corner of the internet! Here we are starting a journey of sharing a love for books. I am not a professional writer or blogger by any means, I am actually a social worker by day. But, the wonderful thing about reading is anyone can pick up a book and become, a Reader. Here on this blog I get to share my passion of reading.

This blog’s purpose is two fold. First, I love reading books and love talking about books. So, I created a space where I could talk about books. Second, I wanted to connect to more book-lovers out in the “real-ish” world. That’s really it.

I read over a hundred books a year, which means I get to live a hundred different lives, travel all over the world or back in history, and (if I’m lucky) for a couple hours, minutes, or even seconds a day I find a home away from home.

While I cannot promise you will agree with every review or even like every book I like, I hope you can glean a little nugget of the stories from my reviews. I hope to view this blog as a digital letter to you all (not like email because we all know how stressful emails are!). So, if you would like to become “pen (key?) pals”, I would love to continue discussing book-ish things with you.

Until next time, my new friends.

With Love,

P.S. The photo used above is from Pexel user Ricardo Esquivel.


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